Small Business Week is an annual celebration of Canadian entrepreneurship, and the City of Grande Prairie is thrilled to join in the festivities. Small businesses play a vital role in our community, providing essential services and bolstering our local economy. To mark this occasion, the Mayor, Council members and the Invest Grande Prairie team embarked on a city walkabout, taking the celebration to the heart of our small business community.

The Mayor, Council members and the Invest Grande Prairie team door to door, visiting various small businesses in Grande Prairie, to share valuable information about different programs offered to help and empower small businesses in our city.

City Council

One program that the City is proud to showcase during Small Business Week is the Business Visitation Program. The Business Visitation Program is designed to establish a strong connection with businesses operating within our city.; it enables the City to keep a finger on the pulse of the local economy and foster meaningful relationships with our existing businesses.

Through this program, the Invest Grande Prairie team at the City of Grande Prairie will be better equipped to serve businesses in our region. This includes monitoring their needs, recommending improvements to City services and creating connections between businesses and valuable resources. The program acts as a bridge, facilitating collaboration between existing businesses to further enhance and support our local economy.

During these business visitations, the City will have the opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations regarding various aspects of their businesses.

“We believe that Small Business Week is a perfect time to highlight the crucial role that small businesses play in Grande Prairie's economic landscape,” said Mayor Jackie Clayton. “This initiative is a testament to our commitment to the growth and prosperity of our local businesses.”

The City of Grande Prairie encourages all residents and businesses to join in the celebration of Small Business Week to recognize the hard work and dedication of our entrepreneurs and build a vibrant, thriving, and resilient small business community in our city.

For more information about the City of Grande Prairie's Business Visitation Program or Small Business Week activities, please visit

Information provided by the City of Grande Prairie

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