The town of Sexsmith will be starting the Christmas season with its “Christmas in Sexsmith” event happening from November 18th to the 20th.  

The weekend will be filled with an array of different events including fireworks, street carollers, Christmas lights and more.  

Although the town always had the regular Christmas market, Mayor of Sexsmith Kate Potter said because of the pandemic last year, it was a difficult year for a lot of people.  

“We knew that there were potentially more restrictions coming as Christmas got closer, and a lot of people who would not be able to be with family.” 

Community members, like the local 4-H Club and businesses decided to create a pop-up market and host vendors all across the province.  

“It created just a great group of people who really wanted to bless the community and celebrate together.” 

town of sexsmith

The planning of this year’s event started in March. Some of the features of this year's event include the two main markets, live music including carollers outdoors, fireworks and hot chocolate to keep you warm.  A number of downtown businesses will be decorated and running specials over the weekend, including restaurants.  

“We have a fantastic committee of community members who just want to see a really excellent and awesome event.” 

To get more information and to keep up to date about Christmas in Sexsmith, see the town’s Facebook or Instagram pages.  


Town of SexsmithPhoto: Town of Sexsmith FB page