On May 29, 2022, the Christian Fellowship Assembly drama ministry will be holding auditions for an Easter Musical called The Choice.  

Colleen Voth, CFA Drama Ministry says, “So The Choice is set during the life of Jesus and his last years of ministry, and follows the life of a Roman Centurion and his journey and interactions with the Israeli people, and with Jesus himself. It tells lots of little Bible stories, kind of anecdotally throughout it.” 

The auditions will be held at the Peace Wapiti Academy Theatre at 2pm on May 29.  

Voth says, no experience is necessary, and everyone is welcome to audition. There will be both singing and acting parts available, but she does recommend that if you are interested in a singing role, to come prepared with a song.   

For those not interested in being on-stage, there are many other parts of the production that people can get involved in. They need people that can build sets, costume design, make-up, as well as a running crew, which would involve moving around stage pieces and props.  

Voth says, “So really, if anybody has a talent that they want to put to use, there's probably a way for us to use it.” 

If you’d like more information or to register, you can email cfadramaticproductions@gmail.com