Foundations for Life is a charitable organization that has been providing free health presentations in the Peace Region since 1985.

Their mission is to inspire and empower students, parents, and teachers with a profound understanding of human development, dignity, and the foundations of healthy relationships.

Each year, they reach thousands of Alberta students and offer support to parents and community groups interested in fostering awareness of body value and safety in the next generation.

This work is made possible by generous donations from individuals and businesses who believe everyone deserves a VOICE, an understanding of their VALUE, and a VISION for healthy relationships.

Foundations for Life thrives thanks to the generous support of our Donors and Members. Their ongoing contributions enable them to continue to school presentations and community efforts locally and beyond.

Members take an extra step by paying an annual membership fee, granting them voting rights at the annual general meeting. They play a vital role by providing feedback, voting for board members, and helping guide our organization's growth and adaptation.

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Consider becoming a donor or member. 

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Join them for the 2nd Annual Charity Golf Tournament! on Saturday, June 22, 2024 at Morningview Park Golf Course in Sexsmith.  For more info click HERE.