Blind Christian singer Blessing Offor shares his loss of words after the sudden passing of his mother on Tuesday. 

"I have the enviable job of literally playing with words all day for a living," says Offor. "So I’m always surprised when words fail me. This is one of those moments. My mom, the fulcrum of our family, whose quiet dignity was unmistakable, whose wisdom was unassailable, whose hugs were the best, passed suddenly Tuesday morning."

Offor was born in Nigeria and was the youngest of six children. He came to Canada with his uncle when he was six years old. 

"My mom, whose faith was the foundation of our lives, is in the presence of peace Himself, where sorrow can never trouble her again."

In 2023 Offor honoured his sister's life and death by releasing his first full-length album days after her passing

"Please pray for my family as we try to jigsaw the pieces of our lives back together. Mom, how did you make it look so easy? We miss you. We love you."

Offor isn't due to play on tour until the beginning of July, giving him time to grieve and mourn the loss of his mother alongside family.