When Blessing Offor is not working on music, the artist has a special cause that he is passionate about helping others with.

The 'Brighter Days' singer was born blind in one eye and had limited vision in the other due to congenital glaucoma, which is a rare genetic congenital ocular disorder that affects children at birth. 

Offor now uses his platform to bring awareness and help others who face the same challenges that he does, by creating Offor Mercy Fund.

The organization looks "to create moments and opportunities that foster community and a spirit of generosity, that facilitates brighter days for those experiencing visual impairments and blindness," as said on the website

Recently, Offor was able to go to Guatemala and talk to students at a school about why he started the Offor Mercy Fund in the first place.   


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"This is an honour to be here," Offor says in the Instagram video. I lost most of my vision when I was 12 or 13, so I understand what it is to get used to life without seeing." 

Now he wants to use his platform from music to encourage others. "Music has gone really well and now I want to give back."

"What we are trying to do alongside other non-profits, is find out ways we can be of service. Whether it's with a cane or some accessibility, technology, or anything you might need," Offor says in the video. 

“The world, the future, and possibilities are yours just like anyone else’s.”

Offor just released a new single, 'Somebody’s Child', featuring Dolly Parton.