Marriage on its own can be challenging. Throw in kids, life and everything else, and things can get very complicated. 

Speaker and author, Lucille Williams hopes her new documentary, Faith, Love and Pancakes, will help turn things around, allowing couples to win in their relationships. 

"When I got married at the age of nineteen, I had no clue how to take care of myself let alone another person. My husband and I would fight for weeks at a time and would sadly treat each other badly," said Lucille. "Roughly five years into our marriage God met us both and not only changed me but changed him too. It was at that time my marriage began to be all God intended for marriage."

Based on her book, The Intimacy You Crave: Straight Talk About Sex and Pancakes, this documentary dives into the nitty gritty, discussing topics like the lack of intimacy in a relationship, both physical and relational, all things that can be tough to talk about, especially in the church and around others.

"As a young believer when came into the church, it was pretty obvious to me, you don't talk about that stuff. Nobody talked about it."

Lucille hopes this new documentary will help start the conversation and save God's marriages. 

"I hope that people will take on my quest and realize that marriage matters," said Lucille. "We need to make sure we have strong marriages. I would love to never hear someone say to me, 'Yeah, we're getting divorced.'"

Faith, Love and Pancakes is now streaming on Amazon Prime.