"It's about showing the reality that it's not just about a few famous evangelists anymore but about an entire generation preaching the gospel," says filmmaker Chris Worthington.

Worthington's new documentary Multiplied gives a first-hand account of Christian persecution alongside the growth of faith all around the world. Worthington travelled to Brazil, Ghana and Nigeria to bring light to a day in the life of a Christian in multiple countries and cultures. 

"I watched Billy Graham so much after I got saved that I felt like I knew him," said Worthington in an interview. "So when he passed away, the power of his life and legacy really hit me. And then I thought to myself, ‘Well, with him gone, what does the future of evangelism look like?"

The 24-year-old filmmaker had one question on his mind when filming: What does the future of evangelism look like? The first place he looked was Brazil.

"Everybody wants to be on a massive stage, and preach to 80,000 people," says Worthington after seeing a three-stadium revival event in Brazil. 


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Flying over to Nigeria, Worthington was met with two stark realities; that Christian persecution is real and people are pining for real hope. 

"One week before we got to Nigeria, we were informed that a terrorist organization killed a pastor and his entire family, and we were doing a 500,000-person Gospel event right there. On the way, we got trapped in a dust storm, so we couldn't fly and had to go on a really dangerous highway. We met a guy ... who pulled out a silver Glock. I'll never forget it. He knew who we were; he pointed straight at us, right at my head. I saw the evil in his eyes, and at that moment, I thought, ‘I guess this is where it ends.'"

The persecution that now Worthington himself was physically experiencing only drove him harder to share his faith and this film with as many as possible. 

"Christianity is exploding, especially in Africa. I saw it for myself and got it all on camera. It's about you and me; it's about the normal person. I think that's how Jesus wanted it from the beginning. The ministries that are going to withstand the fire are the ones who have pure motives that are actually doing it to point people not to themselves, but to Jesus Christ. And that's why I make any film that I make, to point people to Jesus Christ."

Multiplied is set to hit theatres across North America on May 20, put on by Fathom Events.