It's been 10 years since Christian artist Amy Grant released a new song on her own and now she's getting ready to share new music. 

Last year Grant had a terrible cycling accident that knocked her unconscious for 10 minutes and caused memory loss. It took her months to recover and the singer shared that this was the first time since she stepped into the Christian music scene spotlight that she had nothing on her calendar as she recovered. 

"I had to develop a new relationship with myself," says Grant in an exclusive video interview with TODAY in her home. "What is my value if I have no purpose."

While Grant has been touring over the past decade, she's performed past songs from her vast repertoire of music. Each December she goes on a Christmas tour with Michael W. Smith. 

Now she's releasing a new single called 'Trees We'll Never See' on March 24. Grant also shared that she has a second single coming later this spring but no news on the name or date of the release. 

"Last summer I was asked to sing on a new Cory Asbury song yet to be released," says Grant in an interview. "This might be one of the best songs I have heard in a long time. I was so glad they waited for me to heal up and get back to the studio."

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Recording alongside Asbury inspired Grant to write a few of her own tunes. 

"It's fun to be reminded after a season of simplicity of what really makes me happy. Music and making music really make me happy."

Later this week Grant is starting a 70-date tour across the U.S.A.