East Coast meets central Canada on the collaborative Christian hip-hop album between Fresh I.E. and One8Tea.

Robert Wilson, mostly known as Fresh I.E., and Teah, A.K.A One8Tea, have been friends for a long time. While they've been talking about a collaboration album for years, they're finally releasing one on Friday, March 3, called For Such a Time as This

"As Christian hip-hop artists, we're in a season where we have to bring this thing back to really honouring and glorifying God," says One8Tea. "For such a time as this, here we are."

Fresh I.E. has been in the Christian music scene for many years, but over the past few years his music has taken on a melodic tone. Until this project with One8Tea. 

"For me personally to get back to my roots in terms of hip-hop, I've been focused on doing worship music, so to change hats a little bit, it was definitely a challenge for me. But, you know they say, 'As iron sharpens iron,''' says Fresh I.E.

The two may live hundreds of miles apart but the two songwriters recently went on a cross-Canada tour. During that time, they were able to record some of the songs that are now on the album. 

"We're living in a time where God is moving throughout the land," says Fresh. "There are revivals happening all over the place. The Bible says 'Creation groans for the manifestations of the sons and daughters of God to find their true identity and take their place in the kingdom and do this great work.' We're excited to do ministry and go onto reserves and into prisons, wherever God wants us to be, and be able to do this music."

There are eight tracks on For Such a Time as This. As of Friday morning, the album debuted at the #2 on iTunes Christian Charts.  

"'Granny Prayed,' for me, is such a fire song," says One8Tea. "Her prayers are still covering us today."

To hear the single, 'Granny Prayed,' check it out below.