Star actor, Jonathan Roumie is praising God for the amazing outcome "Jesus Revolution" has had at the box office and on the people.

In a Facebook post on the official "Jesus Revolution" page, it was announced that the film will premiere at 100 new theatres across the world this weekend because of the astonishing reaction from the audience.

During the first week of its premiere, Jesus Revolution was playing at 2,475 theatres throughout North America.

The film raked in an estimated $15.525 million in its first weekend and has now earned $20.5 million.

Roumie also took to social media to express his gratitude to the audience and to give all the glory to God.

"My dear friends….this is just too unreal. Thank you for supporting and embracing this film!! All glory to God. Looks like our prayers are being heard. I spent opening day in a monastery in prayer, grateful for all I’ve been given. Because that’s where I needed to be…Reminding myself that serving God and each other is the first priority in life."

According to Rotten Tomatoes, it received a 99 per cent audience score, which drowned out the 58 per cent critic rating. Not only that, but the film also received an A+ rating from Cinema Score, meaning that Jon Erwin is the first director ever to receive four perfect scores.

Erwin's previous A+ movies include "Woodlawn" (2015), "I can only Imagine" (2018), and "American Underdog" (2021); all of which he co-directed with his brother Andrew Erwin.

"Thanks to you, more theatres are showing ['Jesus Revolution'] this weekend," Greg Laurie, author of the book that inspired the movie says on Facebook. "Thank you that have gone to see it more than once. Hollywood is listening! Let’s make this weekend even bigger than last. People are coming to Christ in this film!"