Christian musician Aaron Shust tells his social media followers different spiritual things he's learned in the daily life of being a dad.

Aaron Shust is a proud husband to Sarah and father to his sons Daniel, Nick and Michael, who has Down Syndrome and alopecia.

Earlier today, Shust took to Facebook after reflecting on an interaction he had with his son Michael a couple of days ago.

"A couple mornings ago, I woke Michael for school, he stretched, smiled, sat up in bed a little disoriented, then looked at me with a looked of sudden realization. 'What is it?!' I asked, matching his excitement. He lifted up his t-shirt and looked at his belly, then looking back at me, he spoke his first words of the day, 'I’m Growing!'"

He continues to say that while most of us don't look forward to see our stomachs growing, it made him think about growing spiritually. Wanting to grow more like Jesus, being filled with more love, joy, peace and patience.

"Michael knows the truth: growth is exciting. And since we are what we eat...let's be careful what we ingest today!"

Earlier this month, Shust posted on Facebook another spiritually charged moment he had with his son.

"Michael missed his usual bath time last night after taking an epic hike at Radnor park yesterday afternoon. I didn’t notice the black dirt under his fingernails until we were outside waiting for the school bus. Well, there was no way I was going to let my boy go to school today with dirt under his nails, but I had no time to get the right tools to clean them…So, I immediately started to remove the dirt from under his nails with my own. I was instantly struck with the picture of our Father’s love for US."

The singer compared this action to God removing sin from the lives of his followers.

Aaron Shust's latest project is "Heaven and Earth: The Psalms Project" and he is preparing to play at the Anchor Festival in Centralia, Missouri on June 4.

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