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After two decades as the leading internet service provider to rural Canadians, Xplornet Communications recently made significant changes. They’ve got a new look and a new name, Xplore! And, with new technology they’re changing the game too, taking rural internet service to an exciting new level.

Melissa Greco is Xplore’s Manager of Government Relations and Stakeholder Affairs, and she explains the reason for the new name.

“The name change is so much more than a re-branding, it's a repositioning. It's a renewal. For 20 years, Xplornet has supported rural living by connecting and serving Canadians who live beyond our bigger cities. The new Xplore is building on that legacy by using the newest technology, which is fibre and 5G, to deliver the best and fastest Internet so rural Canadians can get connected and stay connected without compromise. This is the second generation of our company story, a new name, new technology and a renewed commitment to supporting and improving rural living.”

Under its new Xplore banner, the company is investing $500 million by 2025 to provide state-of-the-art scalable fibre internet and fibre-powered 5G fixed wireless technology in its facilities-based network.

Rural Canadians will benefit for years to come, even as data usage and the number of connected devices grow. Today, the average Canadian household has about 10 connected devices – a number expected to continue growing.

Fibre Internet is currently the fastest Internet technology available with download and upload speeds up to a gigabit per second. Offered alongside Xplore’s new 5G broadband product, rural customers will have access to an all-new level of internet service. What hasn’t changed is Xplore’s commitment to unlimited data. Users can stream movies, work from home or power their businesses without limitation.

Farmers have long benefited from Xplore’s technology and now they will have gigabit speed to do their business. But farmers aren’t the only rural residents affected. Considering the trend of people migrating from large urban centres to smaller rural communities, it’s important to note that they no longer have to sacrifice internet quality in pursuit of a bucolic lifestyle.

Greco adds, “Everyday rural living without compromise is our mission and that means we’re focused on helping customers outside of large urban areas.”

It’s that longstanding dedication to rural communities that defines Xplore and truly sets them apart from any would be competition. It’s what Greco calls their home field advantage.

“We get rural living. It's our business. We've always been about rural. It's in our blood.” Xplore was serving rural markets when the big telecoms didn’t think it was worth the investment and that speaks to their customers. Greco notes, “We have a reputation for going the extra mile despite the challenges, and that matters to people, they remember.”

Xplore’s rural pedigree also extends beyond the service they provide. Greco points out that 70 per cent of their employees live rurally.

“When we say we understand living rural and why connectivity is important, we really, really do understand that, and that's something that we are committed to.”

Today, rural customers in Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island are already enjoying Xplore’s fibre service. Others will soon follow as fibre projects are now underway in seven provinces.

The name may be a little different but it’s the new gigabit-speed service that is game-changing for rural life.

For more information, visit xplore.ca or call 1-844-723-8389.