Angie Orth was living her best life. She had a successful career and was exactly where she wanted to be... or at least she thought she was. 

At 30 years old, making a successful living as a publicist in New York City, Orth realized it wasn't the life she wanted.

"I was pouring the best of myself into something that was not going to be rewarding in any way, other than maybe financially, and even then, we weren't there yet," said Orth. "It took me some time, but I just realized that I wanted something else out of life. I wanted more purpose, and more purpose than just making money for other people."

That's when she decided to leave her career and go on a solo trip around the world. 

"I was a travel publicist," said Angie. "I worked with travel writers and creators all the time, and one day I was reading something, and it was talking about this round-the-world trip, and it stuck in my head from that moment on."

Orth travelled to 13 different countries across five continents, all within a year. 

"I saw and met all different kinds of people from different backgrounds and met Christians all around the world and got to go to church in so many countries."

Angie says this experience and the trip, helped her grow in her faith. 

"I probably didn't realize it at the time," said Orth. "I was so focused on staying alive and finding a place to stay. But when I look back on it years later, I can say that was such a time of growth for me."

"It was just me and God out there and for every little decision, I could either try to figure it out myself or ask for wisdom at the beginning of every day and know that God had my back and would always catch me."

Angie eventually returned home but continues to travel to this day. She writes about her journey in her new book, Flirting with Disaster.

"It's so exciting that I had a dream and got to do it. I got to write the book I wanted to write. I got to tell my story of faith and didn't have to water it down for anybody or any reason," Orth explained. "Every day I wake up I am very grateful about it."

Flirting with Disaster can be found wherever books are sold.