Work is in progress to provide translations of the Bible to Christians in 35 language groups across Indonesia and Southeast Asia with Bible Translation Acceleration Kits (BTAKs)—and the training to use them.

Wycliffe Associates is an international organization that empowers mother-tongue Bible translators and partners with local churches.

Each BTAK will include a computer, special translation software, Bible translation, and technology training, and a satellite connection that gives all the technology needed for indigenous Bible translators to translate into their language quickly, efficiently, and safely.

“They can’t engage in online activities that we have come to take completely for granted,” says Mark Stedman, Vice President of Technology for Wycliffe Associates. “Christians are singled out—blacked out—simply because they’re Christians. But with a BTAK, light can break into the darkness. Within months, they’ll have Bibles in their hands.”

With more Muslims in Indonesia than anywhere else, other people are facing persecution because of their faith in Jesus. 

"Even when persecution is non-violent, acts of aggression are being committed against Christians. While vast Muslim-majority sections of the country have internet access, Christian areas are cut off. Christians also are being forced out of jobs and schools because of their faith," a press release read.

“In places where Christianity is so hated that authorities have cut off internet access or believers can only meet in secret, a BTAK, in many cases, is their only hope for translating God’s Word for their people,” says Stedman.

It can take years to translate the Bible. One translator in Indonesia waited for five hours to get a stable internet connection when she connected to a kiosk. Once the connection is established, it can take three hours to upload a translated book of the Bible. 

BTAK's work in remote places where the internet isn't strong. 

"Bible translators can access online resources and also collaborate with other translators to ensure maximum accuracy, enabling them to check and double-check the quality of their work. They also can store their translations in the cloud, keeping it safe from weather disasters as well as confiscation or destruction by hostile authorities," the release continued. 

“Entire communities are transformed as people encounter the truth of God’s Word and the power of God’s love in their own heart language,” says Stedman. “A BTAK will give an entire people group Scripture in their own heart language. And the prayer of generations, of centuries, finally will be answered.”