Warm weather and windy conditions have increased the wildfire risk in the Grande Prairie Forest Protection Area (FPA)

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GWF018 is currently classified as Being Held (BH). It is now estimated to be 47,486 ha in size and 80 per cent contained. It is located on both sides of the Peace River, and is approximately five kilometers east of Cleardale and 13 kilometers southwest of Worsley.  This fire is currently classified as Being Held (BH). For more information visit the Peace River Forest Area Update

GWF017 & GWF023, GWF019 - Sturgeon Lake Complex GCX001

The Sturgeon Lake Complex is made up of three fires. GWF017 is estimated to be 5,752 hectares in size and GWF023 is estimated to be 3,869 hectares in size. GWF019 Bald Mountain Fire is 19,435 hectares in size.   All fires are now classified as being held. Being held means that given current weather conditions and resources, the wildfire is not anticipated to grow past expected boundaries.

Today there will be 110 firefighting personnel and management and support staff on site. Seven helicopters and two pieces of heavy machinery are allotted to the fires. Crews will continue to extinguish the perimeter to 100 feet and extinguish all hotspots that are a threat to containment lines.  

GWF019 - Bald Mountain Fire

GWF019 Bald Mountain Fire is 19,435 hectares in size.  The fire is approximately 17 km west of Highway 40. The fire has crossed the Bald Mountain Road to the east and is in proximity to the intersection of Odum Ridge Road and Bald Mountain Road to the south.

There are 38 firefighters along with four helicopters, nine pieces of heavy equipment assigned to the fire today.

Unauthorized people are not permitted in or near an active fire perimeter, as displayed on this map below.

Grovedale evacuation map May 25, 2023 Alberta Wildfire