A Christian woman in India is hiding away after she watched her husband be brutally murdered for his belief in Jesus. 

"I saw them kill my husband right before my eyes," says Jime Kawasi in an interview. "I was assaulted, but somehow I managed to escape."

Kawasi's husband Kosa was only 22 years old when the attack happened. The couple lived in the Chhattisgarh state of India and recently it was stated that any extended family that had a Christian in it, was not allowed to attend tribal festival offerings to local gods. 

This led to a confrontation on May 4, 2024, when the Kawasis had extended family members, as well as a dozen more people from the village at their door, demanding they renounce their faith in Jesus and stop living as Christians. 

Standing by his faith, Kosa refused. That's when the crowd started to beat the couple. Things took a violent turn when the mob horrendously beat Kosa to death, using weapons. Somehow, Jime escaped the area and ran until she found a safe place. 

"I still fear that my husband’s killers will find me and kill me."

Jime was hospitalized for her wounds as she mourned the death of her husband. Knowing Kosa died standing up for his faith gave Jime renewed strength to stand up for her Christian beliefs. 

"I want to continue to follow and serve Jesus," said Jime. "It was for this Jesus that my husband was willing to be faithful to the point of death; I, too, will follow in his footsteps."

Reportedly there have been two people arrested after Kosa's murder.