UPDATE (Friday, August 11, 2023 at 8:23pm): Whitecourt RCMP advise that one lane is now open on Highway 43 at the collision scene. Traffic is moving very slow so motorists are still being advised to avoid the area.  


Whitecourt RCMP will soon be clearing the scene of the collision as the fire has been extinguished.

CN will remain on scene, assisted by LEDCOR for traffic, in order to repair damage to the rails. The public is warned that traffic will be heavy in the area as only one lane will be reopening on Highway 43 until repairs are done, which may not be until after 10 p.m. tonight.

The investigation into the cause is still ongoing.

An update will be sent when the scene is clear.


August 11, 2023

Whitecourt RCMP are on scene after receiving a report of a collision between a fuel truck and a train on Highway 43, near the junction of Highway 32, in Whitecourt.

RCMP and Alberta Sherriffs have contained the scene but access will be closed until further notice. EMS, Whitecourt Fire Department and CN police are also on scene and no fatalities have been reported.

RCMP anticipate being on scene for most of the day while emergency crew respond and police investigate.

The public is asked to please avoid the area because, though the fuel is the only hazardous material involved, fuel is volatile and explosions are still possible.

Additional updates will be provided.

Information provided by the Whitecourt RCMP

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