Heather Ginter grew up in Steinbach, Manitoba, in a loving home but not a Christian home. 

"I was not taught much about God," said Ginter. "I did, however, have a wonderful friend from when I was younger that taught me about God."

When Heather was 12 years old, she went to Red Rock Bible camp with her friend, and she says that is when she became a Christian.

"However, when I was back home, since my family wasn't religious, I still didn't go to church," Heather explained. "I always considered myself a believer in Christ, but I was not a follower of Christ."

Years later, while completing university, Heather met Ernie. 

"We hit it off very quickly on our first date. I knew he was the one for me, even though he was divorced and had two small kids," Ginter explained. "It didn't matter to me. I just knew from day one that this was the man for me.'

Heather and Ernie were eventually married, and years later, after celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary in Costa Rica, tragedy struck.

"Ernie was first diagnosed with gallstones. He had surgery, and we went on our trip," said Heather. "We arrived home to a message on our answering machine to call the surgeon."

Ernie not only had gallstones. He was also diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. 

"We were devastated even though they told us this was caught early. This is never caught routinely like this. So we were grasping to some hope that it was caught early," said Heather.

Ernie went on to live for 13 months. Heather says it was during this dark time that she was able to find God, and at the age of 46, she was baptized. 

Today on Connections, Heather shares her powerful testimony. She also talks about her new memoir, When Forever is Interrupted.