It's time for a new season according to the lead singer of We The Kingdom.

Franni Rae Cash Cain says in a social media post "God has been prompting a change of seasons in my heart, and I will be honoring that."

Cain is the lead singer of the band, which is comprised of family members Ed Cash, Martin Cash, and Scott Cash, as well as family friend Andrew Bergthold. Their debut album Holy Water was an instant success and the band has been busy writing and touring ever since.

In a post to the band's social media channels on Sept. 1, Cash Cain says, "It is with a humble grateful heart that I share with you that I am going to be taking a step back from We The Kingdom for the time being.  The past several years have been an amazing journey.  We have experienced some incredible things, making music we love, touring together, sharing the Gospel, meeting extraordinary people with powerful stories, and getting to do it all with you, the amazing fans."

She says that she is looking forward to having her family members just being family members once again. "I love our team and my family so much. A big part of me is excited to just have my dad by my dad, my brother be my brother, my uncle be my uncle and Andrew be my friend.  I am deeply grateful for every person that’s been on this journey with us."

Cash Cain says that she will be finishing out touring commitments the rest of this year and then step away.