Grande Prairie RCMP would like to remind everyone of the extra foot traffic that will be occurring today and to take extra care while driving. 

·         When driving, remain diligent and alert 

·         Take your time especially in residential spots, watching carefully for any costumed tots 

·         Pay extra attention to your surroundings take heed, drive with smarts and please don’t speed 

 Homeowners, what should you do? 

·         Giving out treats? Make sure your steps and porch are nice and bright and that pets are secured to prevent bites and frights. 

·         Use LED lights instead of candles, makes pumpkins much safer to look at from all angles 

·         No homemade snacks or food, commercially packed is considered good. 

·         Keep the paths nice and clear 

Mindful Tips for Walkers: 

·         Map out the route that you plan to roam, so adults are assured you will find your way home. 

·         Make sure the lights are on before you knock on that door. 

·         So many houses where people reside accept treats at the door and please, don’t go inside. 

·         Wear bright clothes or reflective items to be seen during the night and remember to bring your flashlight. 

·         Walk on the sidewalks and not in the street 

·         Be on the lookout for drivers. 

·         Avoid being a party of one, treating in a group is way more fun! (and safer too) 

·         Keep to the places with plenty of light, this will help you stay safer tonight. 

·         Best part is so many pieces of candy to dig into!! But do not eat until a trusted adult has inspected them for you.