While potentially foreign to Western society, people in Afghanistan and Iran are coming to faith in God through visions and dreams of Jesus Christ. 

Rev. Lazarus Yeghnazar is the founder of Transform Iran and he recently shared the transformation he's seen in Iran recently of people coming to faith in Jesus. 

"“[Believers will say], ‘I saw a vision of a man with a white robe, with a cross on his shoulder or on his heart, and he says, ‘I’m Jesus.' They cannot stop talking about it. Hence the severe persecution, the severity of the brutality," says Yeghnazar.

During the interview with CBN News, Yeghnazar shares how in the Bible many people had visions and dreams from God.

"You know, paving that way from Abraham to Moses, to Daniel, to Joseph, to Mary, the mother of Christ, all of them see dreams. Peter, in the beginning of his ministry, started seeing dreams."

This is quite different from many people's experience across North America when it comes to their Christian faith. 

"In the Middle East, people see visions," says Yeghnazar. "In the Western understanding, we want everything to be tangible, verifiable, accountable."

Transform Iran ministry started in 1991. Since Yeghnazar and his wife started the ministry, 100,000 people have become follows of Christ.

"Any gathering of Iranians or Afghan Christians, if you say, ‘How many have seen dreams that have been touched, if not radically, transformed because of a vision?’ [and] 90 pre cent will raise their hands. If you ask a church in Wisconsin, or in Maryland, or Boston, ‘How many people have come to Christ through a dream?’ they would say, ‘What is a dream?'"