A Twitter video of a 77-year-old getting baptized has touched the hearts of many, reminding the world it is never too late to start a journey with the Lord.

On January 22, the pastor of Grace Baptist Church in Wood Green, London posted a video of his brother, Regan Burton King who is also a pastor, dunking an elderly woman into the pool and carrying her out.

"It has been an excellent day, but this video of my brother [Regan Burton King] baptizing a frail and elderly woman who is newly trusting in Christ, then picking her up and carrying her out of the baptismal pool, has made it. Blessed be the Lord!" says the Twitter post.

In the video, King is shown speaking to the frail woman, whose name is Susan, and then carefully submerging her underwater. After a brief hug, the pastor then picks her up and brings her to the stairs to it the pool.

Later, the King brother in the video posted his own tweet regarding the touching moment.

"Susan, 77 years old, Jewish, Roman Catholic country of birth, agnostic, struggling with Parkinson's/ other issues last year, now trusting Jesus as Messiah and Lord of her life."

King's words that follow are what bring home the amazing reminder that it is never too late to accept Jesus.

"As surely as the devil is a liar, he is also a loser. Jesus always wins."