Author Len Mac Lellan has recently released a couple books which are being used to help fundraise for the St. Rita’s Community Gathering Centre in Valleyview.  

God Will Provide, and Companions on a Journey contain stories, prose and poetry that will inspire you in your daily walk with God.  

“The poems within God Will Provide speak about life’s blessedness and human restlessness. Len encourages readers to consider what is truly important in life and how behind everything is a God who has a master plan for us all.” 

Companions on a Journey pays tribute to the impact of others on our lives and the role we play in blessing the lives of those around us.” 

The gathering centre in Valleyview is trying to raise $149,000 to cover what’s still owed on the facility. All proceeds from the sale of God Will Provide, and Companions on a Journey will go towards paying off the debt. 

If you’d like to get a copy of either book and learn more about this fundraising initiative, visit