The Municipal District of Greenview, in collaboration with the Town of Valleyview, has been honoured with the 2024 Minister’s Award for Transportation Innovation (MATI) from the Province of Alberta for their outstanding work on the Valleyview Airport Rehabilitation Project.

Completed through a successful partnership with the Town of Valleyview, the project received valuable support from the Alberta Government Strategic Transportation Infrastructure Program (STIP) and various other contributors. This prestigious award acknowledges the innovative efforts of individuals and organizations in the transportation sector, specifically those involved in planning, designing, constructing, operating, and maintaining the transportation network in Alberta. Recipients of the MATI demonstrate excellence in areas such as design, construction, environmental practices, safety, operation, and innovations related to transit and accessible transportation.

“Collaboration with the Town of Valleyview was pivotal in making the Valleyview Airport Rehabilitation Project a success. It’s a testament to the power of partnerships, emphasizing that by working together, we can achieve innovative solutions that positively impact our community and beyond,” stated Greenview Reeve Tyler Olsen.

Information provided by the MD of Greenview

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