Thirteen days after a young boy was found unconscious in a creek, his family is 'letting him go.'

Kallie Wright who is married to rodeo star, Spencer Wright shared an update on Facebook about their three-year-old son Levi. "Soon I'll climb into bed with my baby and hold him as he falls asleep for the last time on this earth."

On May 21, Levi was playing with his tractor by a creek outside his Beaver County, Utah home. When Kallie looked back, Levi was nowhere to be found. She called 911, for help and found him about a mile in the water, unconscious.

After multiple EEGs and searching for answers, Wright posted constant updates on her young son, with the latest on Sunday, June 2.

"After several sleepless nights, lots of research, multiple conversations with the world's best neurologists & millions of prayers we are here in the face of our biggest fear," Wright posted to Facebook.

Wright said that they were praying for Levi the whole time. "Levi showed us just enough to buy us time for all of this. We prayed those things were him defying odds & proving to us that he wanted to stay here but we see now he wanted to give us time to find peace with letting him go."

She ended the post by talking about the character of her son, which the world has seen over the last 13 days. "I told you my baby was thoughtful and considerate, I truly believe he did that for us. During this time he brought out humanity across the nation, he dropped so many to their knees and reminded them of what truly matters in this world. It kind of gives that T-rex strength a whole new meaning, doesn't it?"

The comment section was filled with others praying for the young family. "Praying for the comfort that only our Heavenly Father can give," one of the supporters wrote.

Another comment read, "Praying for the entire family my heart goes out to you. I know God is over him and holding him in his arms."