Early tests on the substance completed by Alberta RCMP Forensic Identification Section has resulted in a presumptive positive test for the presence of Fentanyl.

The material is being sent urgently to the RCMP Laboratory where investigators will have further tests performed.

This presumptive test for the presence of Fentanyl is concerning. While RCMP conduct an investigation into the circumstances of this incident, RCMP further encourage parents to take extra precautions in examining all candy obtained on Halloween. Unsealed candy should be immediately disposed of. Should you find any suspicious items in your candy, please contact the Rocky Mountain House RCMP or your local Police.

Halloween Candy

Original Post:

On Nov. 2, 2022, RCMP received a report from a concerned parent regarding their child's Halloween candy. 

The parent was going through their child’s candy when they observed an open package of candy. Inside the package they observed three pieces of a dark unknown substance. The substance is rather obvious with no intent to camouflage it in the candy. Initial tests have not been able to identify the substance. RCMP are having the substance analyzed to determine what it is. 

The candy was obtained on Halloween in a large geographical area in Rocky Mountain House.

It is still unknown if a criminal offence has been committed. Police are reminding parents to check all candy with their children. Unsealed packaging should be immediately disposed of. Parents should report any tampering of candy to their local police. 

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