What’s the unlikeliest place for a church? A Ukrainian pastor started one at a lonely, open-air bus stop.

Eric Mock of the Slavic Gospel Association tells the story. “He took an old broken-down wooden table, some instant coffee, a few tea bags, and a hot kettle and went out with a few cookies to set up the table. He talked to those people at the bus stop who were maybe just wanting a cup of coffee or a few minutes of conversation. It was there that his church was begun.”

It all started with one couple, discouraged and broken down by alcohol addiction. Jesus has completely transformed their lives, and the congregation has grown. Mock says, “So often we forget that God builds His Church. And the Church consists of those redeemed by God’s grace, who desire to step out in faith.”

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SGA supported missionaries

SGA stands behind over 350 missionaries all over the former Soviet Union. But they want to double that number over the next 10 years. Mock says, “Pray for this ambitious goal. Pray along with us that God raises up a greater number of missionary pastors trained in schools that SGA supports, going out to proclaim the Gospel and make disciples.”