The Alberta government is pledging $2 million to provide “rapid settlement support” for Ukrainian citizens arriving in the province.  

The funding will be put towards providing streamlined access to employment, education, and healthcare.

The funding will be delivered by newcomer-serving organizations across the province.  

Premier Kenny says, “People fleeing their country having left everything behind who often will arrive here not speaking English and sometimes having no relatives or friends are in significant need of immediate and comprehensive support so that they can begin to live secure lives here but also cope with trauma and other challenges...” 

Alberta will continue to accelerate the assessment of applications for permanent residency made by Ukrainian nationals and waive the fees. 

Programs and support to be streamlined include: 

  • Healthcare coverage and health care.  
  • Immediate enrollment for children in K-12 schools. 
  • Alberta identification card including a driver’s license needed for healthcare and banking. 
  • Access to support centres for employment. 
  • Access to adult learning programs including language support.  
  • A reference guide at in English and Ukrainian providing detailed information on resources.  

Alberta is home to more than 369,000 people of Ukrainian descent. The third-largest percentage in the country after Manitoba and Saskatchewan.