After a month in captivity, two of the 17 Canadian and American missionaries kidnapped in Haiti have been released. 

There have not been many details released about who exactly has been released, why, or other details. 

Christian Aid Ministries issued a statement Sunday saying the two “are safe, in good spirits and being cared for.”

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The kidnapped group, which includes a Canadian, was travelling in the Haitian suburb called Croix-des-Bouquets when they were taken and have been with the gang since then. 

In a video released by the 400 Mawozo gang, the leader said that if he did not get $17 million, $1 million for each kidnapped person, he was going to kill them. The leader specifically threatened the lives of the Americans.

The kidnapped missionaries are all Mennonites and Amish, or following other Anabaptist denominations, groups that are religiously pacifist.

There is no other news on the remaining 15 missionaries still being held captive at this time.