Women have been "breaking the bias" of Agriculture, being a predominantly male-dominated industry, for years.

Shelby LaRose is Chair of the Sask Women in Agriculture Board.

She says the not-for-profit organization has been around since 2013 and looks to support, empower and inspire women, connecting people not only from the farm level, but also the industry level.

" We are truly a resilient bunch. We're out there trying to do everything and more within the industry, making our name or names known. Really just trying to make a splash in the industry, making sure that people know that agriculture isn't one gender anymore. It's for everyone and anyone that wants to be involved with it."

LaRose says women have and do play an important role in the industry.

"Many of the women in my network definitely do everything from making the meals, running parts, running the equipment, as well as making a lot of the marketing decisions, economic decisions. Scouting the fields, anything they really want to do. The possibilities are endless, and not only on the farm, but also in the industry as well. We have scientists that are female, we have people in the food industry that are female. Any aspect of agriculture from getting that food from farm to plate."

She says it's truly inspiring to see how many women are looking at a wide variety of careers and opportunities in the Ag sector.

"It's an industry that's truly wonderful to be a part of. I'm really looking forward to seeing where the industry is going to go in the future. I'm so proud to be a farmer myself, part of the industry, and to be a part of Sask Women in Ag."