Pastor and theologian Timothy Keller continues to battle stage four pancreatic cancer and is asking for prayer. 

"Dad is currently dealing with the side effects of an immunotherapy treatment that he is undergoing," says the pastor’s son, Michael Keller, on Facebook. "We ask that you continue to pray for Dad’s healing and for the decisions of his doctors and medical team who continue to provide excellent, compassionate care. Thank you for the outpouring of love and support. We deeply covet your prayers at this time."

In 2020 Keller was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Last month, he announced he would be undergoing an immunotherapy trial at the National Cancer Center in Bethesda, Maryland, in June.

"This has shown great promise in potentially curing cancer, though it is a rigorous and demanding month-long program (that will need updates up to six months)."

The theologian already battled thyroid cancer back in 2002. For this round of treatment, Keller will be away from his wife as he will be an inpatient. 

When he was diagnosed in 2020, Keller was in the midst of writing a book, titled Hope in Times of Fear.

"Here I am, writing a book about the resurrection, and I realized I only half-believed I was going to die. I went back and realized that in some ways, I also only half-believed in the resurrection — not intellectually so much, but all the way down deep in my heart. I realized I needed to have a greater, a deeper faith in the resurrection, both intellectually and mentally."

Keller and his family are asking for prayers, hoping he isn't too affected by negative side effects.

"What the future holds, I don’t know. Pray that I would have years and not months left and that the chemotherapy would continue to be effective. But we are ready for whatever God decides for me. We’re spiritually ready."