He was born at 26 weeks and weighing just 1 pound 12 ounces, with cocaine in his system as a result of his biological mother's drug addiction. His birth complications left him blind and he was later diagnosed with autism, but God also gave him a perfect gift that he's more than willing to use.

Christopher Duffley was adopted by his aunt when he was just a child, and she already had four children. While they faced a number of obstacles, they soon discovered music was a soothing comfort for the young boy. 

As he grew older they also discovered he had perfect pitch. While he had trouble speaking, when they put a microphone in his hand his family discovered he was a gifted singer. A video of Duffley singing 'Open The Eyes Of My Heart' at church 10 years ago quickly went viral, and launched the family into advocacy and evangelism.

“I want to show others that when you open your heart, you can see the world of possibilities around you," Duffley says.

"Taught that his disabilities were just an inconvenience and focusing on what he could do, victories were won," his website says. "And despite a diagnosis of autism at the age of 5, his boundless personality and gift of music emerged, creating light in the lives of others.
"Now, Christopher continues to tour the nation speaking, singing, and creating podcasts.  He has been nationally recognized and featured on major news outlets.  It is estimated that over 65 million people have collectively viewed the famous 'Open the Eyes' video.

"Sometimes we lose sight of our potential and the potential of those around us.  Christopher removes the limitation blinders of his audiences through story, laughter, and song.  He teaches us, through his own life experiences, what it means to be unlimited and to have a mission possible attitude."