It's no secret that motherhood is hard. Keeping a healthy prayer life in the middle of motherhood can also be hard.

But Brooke McGlothlin says that when prayer becomes our first response it also becomes our best response. McGlothlin is the co-founder of the Facebook group Million Praying Moms and has a new book out aimed at helping moms become the prayer warriors their family needs. Praying Mom will help you navigate parenting by putting prayer first.

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What if prayer doesn’t come easily? What if your prayer life changes when you have kids? What if motherhood is all-consuming and you can hardly think, let alone pray?

Praying Mom speaks truth into the everyday lives of women struggling to have a fulfilling prayer life. Addressing seven common obstacles to prayer, this practical guide helps moms find the vibrant prayer life they want, need, and are ultimately called to.

Praying Mom provides answers to the Christian mother who:
 • doesn’t know how or what to pray
 • feels too busy and too tired for prayer
 • needs assurance that God hears her prayers
 • wants to become equipped to pray Scripture over her family and self

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Through Scripture-inspired prayers and firsthand encouragement from real women, readers will begin to alleviate anxiety and walk in peace knowing that prayer can be a parenting plan. Brooke helps moms of newborns through young adults find the heart behind the challenges, jumpstart their own prayer lives, and become prayer warriors for their families.