Farmers should feel good about the upcoming growing season.

World Weather Inc Agrimeteorologist Drew Lerner told producers during the Sask Wheat "Think Wheat Webinar" that we should get out of the mess that we're in.

"A lot of patience is going to be necessary as we get started into our growing season, because we have so much dryness out there. It looks like March and April are not going to be good months for us for fixing the problem that we have."

He notes that while we're going to see that dryness in parts of Alberta and Saskatchewan, as soon as we get into the later part of April and early May things will turn around, and we'll see some much-needed moisture in those areas.




Lerner says as for the summer, he's expecting to see a drier bias showing up in the south-east corner of Manitoba.

"That's because I'm a little concerned that the ridge down in us will end up poking its head up across the border and extend into parts of Manitoba and Saskatchewan. So there is still potential that will turn drier in those areas later in the summer. But those areas will most likely have a good spring, good late spring, and we'll see enough precipitation to carry the crops through the balance of the season. So it's mostly a good thing."