The Grande Prairie Public School Division's (GPPSD) Board of Trustees proudly announced Chiara Gorgichuk as their nominee for the Alberta School Boards Association Edwin Parr Teacher Award - recognizing excellent first-year teachers across the province.

As the division's nominee, Gorgichuk will be given consideration by the Zone 1 Edwin Par Nomination Committee. If successful, her nomination will be presented as one of the six zone winners from across the province.

As a first-year teacher at Crystal Park School, Ms. Gorgichuk shows excellence by creating a positive, inclusive, optimal learning
environment – while showing dedication to her school and division.

"Our board advocates for inclusion, building trust and strong relationships in everything we do. We believe Ms. Gorgichuk's efforts
in demonstrating and teaching these guiding principles will give students skills for success in the classroom and their larger

Joan Nellis, Board Chair, GPPSD

"Ms. Gorgichuk creates a warm, welcoming and respectful environment for her students. Her ability to foster effective relationships
and encourage students to strive for success is noticeable every day. In addition, she values building her own capacity, as proven through
her implementation of new technologies and social-emotional learning strategies – we are pleased to have Chiara as part of our team!"

Cindy Clarkson, Principal, Crystal Park School

"Ms. Gorgichuk's commitment to working with division coordinators, the multi-disciplinary team, the learning support teacher and
administration shows her dedication to lifelong learning as she supports student success."    

Sandy McDonald, Superintendent, GPPSD

In her diverse grade 6 classroom, Ms.Gorgichuk continuously creates opportunities for students to share and celebrate with each other.

In addition, her commitment extends to extracurricular activities and school events outside of the classroom, helping her get to know the whole

Proactively adapting her teaching style, Ms. Gorgichuk successfully meets the learning needs of her students – preparing them academically,
socially and emotionally for success.