Fulfilling God's calling can be challenging for many. In most cases, this means taking some huge leaps in life.

Bible teacher, podcaster and author, Rachel G. Scott wants to help you take that next step. 

Scott recently released a book called Taking the 5 Leaps: Experiencing God's Faithfulness as You Respond to His Call. In this book, she discusses the five types of leaps we need to take to propel ourselves into fulfilling God's destiny for us.

Those leaps include The Fisherman's Leap (Peter), The Shepherd's Leap (Abraham), The Builder's Leap (Nehemiah), The Tentmaker's Leap (Paul) and The Trailblazer's Leap (Jesus).

Rachel says that leaps occur through different seasons of life. Her testimony includes growing up in a Christian home but spending a season away from the Lord, having a baby and marriage at 19, her return to the Lord, a divorce based on biblical grounds and God’s restoration through a second marriage to a widower and a blended family.

When leaping, Scott says it is important to prepare first. 

"The best preparation is, number one, to begin with prayer, because, when we go into it with our knowledge, we can leap into the wrong place and we don't want that," said Scott. "We want to know that we have heard God clearly. Then what you will find is when you give God your yes to something he's called you to do, and you are soaking it in prayer, other things will come along the way to help facilitate that leap." 

In her book, Rachel uses biblical illustrations, scripture for meditation and personal leap stories to help readers along their journey.

“If we take the time to become silent and listen, God will speak to us regarding His vision, and we can become confident through our God-partnered leaps," Rachel explained. "Although you may encounter challenges along the way, you will also experience beautiful, historic, and glorious moments with God."