Until March 31, vehicle owners across the province can get their catalytic converters engraved, thanks to AMA and Kal Tire’s expanded Tag Your Cat program.

The expanded program now includes participation from Alberta RCMP, in addition to existing law enforcement partners in Calgary, Camrose, Edmonton, Lethbridge, and Medicine Hat.

Last year, more than 2,800 Albertans engraved their catalytic converters through the initial offering, helping thwart thieves’ payday dreams. As the program resumes, with additional participation from Alberta RCMP, AMA is encouraging Albertans to take action against the ongoing issue of catalytic converter theft by having their catalytic converter engraved with their VIN.

“Catalytic converter thefts continue to be a pervasive crime in Alberta, but we’re not powerless in the fight against thieves” says Jeff Kasbrick, Vice-President of Advocacy and Operations at AMA. “An engraved catalytic converter gives thieves cause to pause and supports law enforcement in their work to put a dent in this crime.”

According to Alberta RCMP, the benefits of engraving are already being seen across Alberta.

“Engraving programs assist law enforcement in identifying stolen catalytic converters, returning them to the rightful owners, and laying charges in these types of cases,” says Staff Sergeant Luke Halvorson, Alberta RCMP. “We encourage Albertans to consider engraving their vehicles’ converters. Not only does this support us in our work of tackling this type of crime in our communities, but it also makes it harder for thieves to profit from your stolen property.”

The engraving service is offered at cost ($40 for most vehicles) and provides owners with decals to warn thieves that the vehicle’s converter can be traced.

Mike Butcher, Vice-President Store Operations for Kal Tire, says drivers can call their nearest location to make an engraving appointment. He adds that Kal Tire is “pleased to provide the engraving service at-cost for Albertans across the province.”

Kal Tire has 76 locations in Alberta. Catalytic converters are targets for thieves as they contain valuable precious metals, and theft takes less than a minute and can happen nearly anywhere at any time. This type of theft continues to be a problem impacting thousands of Albertans across the province, and AMA and Kal Tire are proud to support the work of law enforcement by providing Albertans a practical and affordable way to tackle this crime.

Visit ama.ab.ca/TagYourCat to learn more about Tag Your Cat and find additional resources to reduce the risk of catalytic converter theft.