In the aftermath of the Kansas City Chiefs' victory in the 2024 Super Bowl, quarterback Patrick Mahomes credited God and his teammates for their success.

Speaking to CBS on the field while ticker tape rained down on the game's MVP, Mahomes stated, "I just gotta give God the glory, man. He challenges us and makes us better."

The Chiefs defeated the San Francisco 49ers 25-22 in overtime. 

His acknowledgment of faith underscored the significance of spirituality in his life and athletic achievements.

The three-time Super Bowl champ also commended his teammates for their resilience and collective effort, stating, "I'm proud of my guys." He says that the entire team battled adversity throughout the season and highlighted the collaborative nature of their journey to back-to-back championships.

Mahomes' performance on the field was stellar, throwing 333 yards with two touchdowns, including the game-winning touchdown pass in overtime to Mecole Hardman. Mahomes became just the third player in NFL history to have three Super Bowl MVP awards, and the fifth quarterback to have three or more Super Bowl wins.