The Saskatchewan Stock Growers Association is excited to be back holding their AGM for the first time since the COVID pandemic started.

That's being held from June 5 to 7 in Assiniboia at the Prince of Wales Centre, with events and speakers throughout those three days.

The SSGA will be holding a supper Sunday evening, then on Monday and Tuesday, there'll be speakers and other events throughout the two days.

President Kelcey Elford says to start the meeting they'll have a federal policymaker, which is rare for the association.

"We have the president's reception, our honored guest there is going to be John Barlow. He's the ag critic for the conservative party of Canada. We get an opportunity to lobby our provincial counterparts quite frequently, we don't often have the chance to have somebody from Ottawa come to our convention, we're excited for John."

The next day will also include an address from a provincial policymaker and some opportunities to chat with other guests.

"Minister Marit will be there Monday morning to give an address, the president of the Canadian Cattlemen's Association Reg Schellenberg will be there also for an address. This is the time for producers to come and have their concerns heard," said Elford, "Once the business is done there's lots of time for visiting and getting together with friends and neighbors which has been sorely missed over the past couple of years."

Elford says that for the most part there will be the usual speeches and events at the meeting, though there are some new parts to show off.

"One thing that I will touch on is the forage insurance project that will be highlighted, that we're hoping that comes to fruition on satellite imaging, so that's very new."

"We've got about 175 people registered so far, and more registrations coming in," said Elford, "If you've got a little bit of time, come and enjoy the 109th annual Stock Grower's AGM."

You can find more information on registering for the AGM on the SSGA's website.