Last Friday around 6 pm a Chestermere police officer monitoring speeds on Range Road 284 caught someone on radar going over double the limit while darting in between evening traffic. 

The Peace Officer whose vehicle was equipped with radar was able to obtain a top speed of 205kmph, and eventually locked in the vehicle's speed at 199kmph.

The driver stopped and was pulled over without challenge, after being caught he is now facing charges under the Traffic Safety Act.

When the officer asked why he was going so fast he claimed “he was just testing out his new exhaust system.”

Peace Officer Sgt. Trever Bowman states his relief at catching and charging this dangerous driver. 

“Travelling at these speeds is outrageous, it not only shows the wanton disregard for their own safety but other members of the public. This could have ended so tragically in a split second for someone who was just heading home on a Friday afternoon.” 

The driver now faces several charges under the Traffic Safety Act and is scheduled to appear in Strathmore Provincial Court in July.