"Something Broke" has flown up the charts and has blown away the songwriter with the public response. 

Canadian artist Jeremy Benjamin released his first radio single, "Something Broke" in 2018.

In less than three months, the song has continued to climb the charts. Benjamin was told on Friday that the single ranked #20 on the Canadian Christian Radio Chart (CCRC) and #5 for Canadian artists alongside Manitoban's Jordan St. Cyr and The Color.

"I wasn't really sure what to expect with having my first single as a mid-tempo ballad," Benjamin admitted. "People are really responding to that."

The response is the part that has blown Benjamin away the most. The song was written with the intent of bringing healing to both himself and, hopefully, the listener. The lyrics talk about a difficult relationship he had with his father.

But the vague connections have given people everywhere something to connect to. Benjamin says one woman contacted him who had lost her husband to cancer in the past year. She said each word in the song meant something particular to her.

"I was completely humbled at how God has used that song," Benjamin said.

Other people have responded with stories of depression or suicidal thoughts and said this song really helped them. Benjamin says the song seems to hit everyone in a different way.

"God sometimes has interesting plans," he laughed. "I pray that God continues to use it for any kind of healing that it can."

Worship project

As part of Benjamin's current tour, the artist has been collecting the voices of worshipers from across Canada singing the chorus of his song "I Am Not My Own."

The project currently has more than 6,000 voices towards its 10,000 voice goal.

"Even hearing five or six hundred voices from one church gives me the chills," Benjamin said. He has already begun editing and is really excited to hear the final project.