Do you feel as a parent that you always need to have things together? Or that it's not okay to share weaknesses in front of your children? 

Author of The Impossible Kid, Lucille Williams says, that allowing our children to see parental weakness may be difficult, but it is necessary to reveal to our kids that we are human and approachable. 

She says that by showing our true emotions, we are empowering our children.  

"They're learning what it is to mess up, fall, get back up, apologize and move forward," says Williams.

Williams says by hiding who we truly are and not allowing our children to see human emotion, will only lead to future meltdowns.  

"God takes the messes, weaknesses, and difficult times, and not only gives them second chances to walk through trials with more faith and trust, but turns them into wonderful, beautiful, expressions of His love for us. Transparency and honest communication are the best avenues to take," Williams explains.

Today on Connections, Lucille shares how we can become the real “Super Woman” and begin sharing our emotions with our children.