A farmer from central Alberta is the winner of SeedMaster's 160 acres of Gold Giveaway.

Ken Krwyko of Sturgeon County and his sons Dan and Brad run a fourth-generation farm growing oilseeds, cereals, wheat and barley on 3300 acres of cropland.

He's very excited about the win and working with SeedMaster, this will be his first experience using SeedMaster equipment.

"You’re always learning as a producer, so I’m looking forward to learning through this experience about how to grow a crop with SeedMaster."

Krywko will receive InVigor hybrid canola seed, custom application of crop protection products from BASF, ESN fertilizer from Nutrien, precision agronomic services from Decisive Farming by TELUS Agriculture, seasonal use of a Crop Intelligence weather station, use of SeedMaster's revolutionary Ultra SR drill and assistance
with harvest for a quarter section.

Over 1000 farmers from across Western Canada entered the contest.