Growing up, Savannah Locke always felt a strong pull toward creativity. 

She says she wasn't the typical child. Not only did she participate in her church and school plays, as well as write when she could, she would also do plays for the mailman and create songs about weather patterns. 

"As I got older and I really started working through my own story and developing that, I started realizing that God had sort of given me writing to help process the world and to hopefully help other people see bits of their own story as well," Savannah explains.

Savannah grew up in the church. Her grandparents pastored a church, her mother led worship there and her dad worked in accounting. 

"I was always inundated in the church world," Locke says. "And that can come with positives and negatives." 

Savannah says there was some abuse in her background in the context of the church leading her to deal with a lot of church trauma in her adult years. 

"I had this super conservative upbringing and then this massive faith crisis in my 20's when I started reconciling some of the abuse and trauma of my life in the context of church and trying to figure out who God was in the midst of all of that," says Savannah.

Now 30 years old, she has spent the past 6 years reclaiming her faith and her experience with God and who He is. 

She recently participated in the Faithful Project alongside a variety of powerful Christian women including Amy Grant, Ellie Holcomb, Trilla Newbell and Rachael Lampa. 

"I'm excited because I think this is the future," says Savannah. "When I was part of it, I thought, I can see kind of creating bigger and better and more exciting and more fruitful collaborations between women in all spheres of influence and life."

Today on Connections, Savannah will share a bit about her passion for arts and how she includes her faith in everything she does. She'll also chat a bit about her experience working on the Faithful Project