Authors Rew and Sarah Jones have just released their newest children’s book called A Day When Nothing Happened.  

The book is about a family that goes on a nature hike. The night before, the mom goes into the room to tell the little boy and he quickly replies, “Oh, nothing ever happens on a nature hike”. Then as the story continues on, of course that is not the case, and he discovers some of the wonder, joy, bonding, and togetherness that we find when we explore the outdoors together.  

The pictures in the book capture the essence of the story beautifully and were done by Derek Moore.  

Rew Jones says, “So far, the response to the book has been overwhelmingly positive. People have been excited about the book.” 

Rew and Sarah Jones also have two other children’s books. The first is called Evalina’s Egg, and their second one is called Afraid But Brave: A Simeon Sasquatch Tale.  

All three books can be found online but are also available at Shepherd’s Fold downtown Grande Prairie.