Former Duck Dynasty star, Sadie Robertson Huff is celebrating her newest touch of heaven with the arrival of her second child.

On May 22, at 8:30 a.m. the Robertson Huff family welcomed a beautiful daughter named Haven Belle.

"Christian and I could not be happier and more grateful," says Robertson Huff in an Instagram post. "Soaking in every single moment."

Back in March 2023, the mother revealed the story behind her baby's name on her podcast, "WHOA That's Good Podcast."

Robertson Huff began by recalling a plane ride in May 2022 when something special happened.

"So I started praying on a plane one day, and I was looking out at the clouds and I just remember so specifically the name just dropped into my spirit. And it was a first name and a middle name. I looked at Christian and I was like, 'What do you think of this name?'"

"I was probably watching Avengers or a movie or something," says Christian humorously.

She then says that it felt like the Lord placed that name in her spirit because 'haven' means 'safe place or a refuge' and then 'belle' means 'beautiful.' Therefore, her daughter's name would mean a beautiful safe place.

"The middle name is significant because I have a sister named Bella. She is my girl, and this is Honey's first sister, so this is kind of a nod to my sister."

Robertson Huff also shares that a few months later, she had another "wow" moment. She noticed the word "Haven" on a photo from her first date with Christian.

But it doesn't end there, the other only photo from their first date showed a mug she'd painted with the word "Honey" on it.


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"I just love that back on our very first date ... God knew that we would have two daughters one day and that their names would be Honey and Haven."

After the birth of her first daughter, the mother opened up about her struggles with postpartum depression, saying it's taken her time to overcome anxious thoughts and memories. 

The Christian influencer showed gratitude for the strong and loving community around her that helped her get through the tough times.

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