Community groups will collect litter from County roadsides and ditches as part of the annual roadside cleanup program that runs from April 30 until June 25. 

Signs will be posted in the cleanup areas, and the volunteer crews will be wearing high-visibility safety vests. Drivers are also asked to watch for cleanup crews, slow down and practice caution. 

The first set of groups will be out Saturday April 30 and Sunday May 1, on the following roadsides: 

South of Highway 668: 

·Range Roads 61 and 62 south of Highway 668 

·Township Road 704A between Highway 40 and Resources Road 


Crossroads North Industrial Park: 

·99 Street between 84 Avenue/Bauman Road and 69 Avenue 

·Bauman Road 

·69 Avenue between 99 Street and Range Road 55 

·Range Road 55 between 69 Avenue and Highway 43 

·Range Road 60 between Bauman Road and 69 Avenue 

·98 Street between Bauman Road and 69 Avenue 

·72 Avenue between 99 Street and 98 Street 


The second set of groups will be out May 5-7 on the following roadsides and communities: 

Hamlet of Valhalla 

·Includes Range Road 100 from the intersection of Highway 59 and Highway 723 north 600 metres.  


Hamlet of Hythe 

·Including Township Road 733 between 105 Avenue and Range Road 110 

·Areas along Range Road 111 and 98 Avenue, between intersections of Highway 43 and Highway 721 and Highway 43 and 99 Avenue 


Range Road 83 

·North of La Glace to Township Road 750 


Crossroads South Industrial Park 

·100 Street north of city limits 

·156 and 148 Avenues east to 92 Street 


The third set of groups will be out May 14 on the following roadsides and communities: 


Carriage Lane Estates to Five Mile Hall 

·Township Road 714 east to Range Road 51 

·Range Road 54 between Township Road 714 and city limits 

·Five Mile Hall yard and recycling area 


Horse Lake First Nation road 

·Township Road 734 between Highway 43 and Range Road 120 

·Range Road 120 between Township Road 734 and Township Road 740 


Range Road 30 

·Between Highway 43 and 1.6 km of Township Road 720 


Flyingshot Lake  

·Range Road 64 between Township Road 712 and Township Road 710 

·Range Road 63 between Township Road 711A and Township Road 710 

·Township Road 710 between Range Road 64 and Highway 40 


Hinton Trail  

·Range Road 110 between Highway 722 south to Township Road 693 


West of Beaverlodge 

·Township Road 720 between Range Road 104 and Beaverlodge town limits 


Range Road 92 

·Range Road 92 between Highway 43 and Township Road 720 


Township Road 742  

·Township Road 742 between Highway 2 and Spruce Villa Estates 


Township Road 714  

·Township Road 714 between Range Road 105 and Highway 722 


Visit to review the remaining cleanup locations and dates on an interactive web map. 

The roadside cleanup is an annual effort each spring where the County provides local, non-profit organizations the opportunity to raise funds by cleaning up the roadsides, ditches, and hamlets across the municipality. Last year 32 groups cleared 285 km of County roads, collecting $53,215 to support their organizations. 

Information provided by the County of Grande Prairie