Grande Prairie City Council endorsed the Richmond Industrial Area Revitalization Strategy that outlines key revitalization priorities and ideas to improve the area.

The ideas were generated through a collaborative and targeted consultation process that occurred in January 2022 with business owners and other stakeholders from the area, who provided their perspective and experience.

Following the consultation process, the City compiled information discovered and explored options for revitalization.

The consultation revealed key issues, opportunities, and potential steps to revitalize the important industrial area in the city’s west side.

The key revitalization priorities span:

  • Modern Infrastructure
  • Identity & Promotion
  • Business Vibrancy
  • Safe & Accessible Places


The strategy also identifies next steps, including actions that can be taken within the current City budget and ideas to propose for future City budgets.

To view the full report, or learn more about the Richmond Industrial Area Revitalization, visit:

Information provided by the City of Grande Prairie