County of Grande Prairie residents are no longer under evacuation alert due to the Dunes West Wildfire. All residents were able to return to their homes as of Thursday, May 18.

Residents are strongly advised to stay connected with official channels for any further updates, as safety continues to be our top priority. Residents affected by the wildfire showed cooperation, resilience and support for crews during this response. For that, we are truly grateful.

As of 1 p.m., the County will no longer be under a State of Local Emergency. The Grande Prairie Regional Emergency Partnership (GPREP) is no longer activated.  

Continuing to Support Residents During Reentry

The Welcome Home Guide is the best resource for County residents returning home following the fire. The Guide provides information and resources to return safely after being evacuated including dealing with utility disruption and assisting with smoke decontamination or deodorizing.

These packages have helpful tips on how to re-connect your utilities, how to dispose of spoiled food, how to ensure your household water and drinking water is safe to use, and many more helpful tips. If residents have any questions about returning home visit

The Dunes West Wildfire Call Centre will remain open through May long weekend, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. May 20-22. Residents with questions about returning home safely and more can call 1-825-606-5092.

 Residents are reminded that the County Fire Marshall will be visiting properties over the weekend (May 19-22) to assess damages for fire reporting purposes. Individuals whose properties were impacted by the Dunes West Wildfire are encouraged to complete a property damage report form by June 16, 2023. The County will be reviewing all reports and will meet with residents during the restoration process. Residents can visit to access the online form and read more.


Emergency Preparedness Key This Summer

As wildfire conditions remain, we encourage all County residents to take necessary steps to prepare. The FireSmart program offers practical advice on reducing the risk and impact of wildfires. These steps include:

·Creating a FireSmart Zone: Remove dry leaves, twigs, and other fire fuels from your property. Aim to make a 10-meter zone around your home that is free from all flammable materials.

·Protect your home from embers: Use fire-resistant materials when possible and cover all vents, eaves, and soffits.

·Have an emergency plan and kit: Prepare an evacuation plan and have a list of essential items and important documents that can be quickly accessed.

·Stay updated: Download the Alberta Emergency Alert application and keep track of local news for any updates on fire activity in the area

If you see smoke on your property, please call 911 and report it. Authorities and emergency response teams will continue to closely monitor the region, and action priority areas. The fire is classified as under control, and it is safe for residents to return home.

Future Updates

This is the final GPREP update on the Dunes West Wildfire. Moving forward, information for residents will be available and shared through the County of Grande Prairie’s channels:


▶ Facebook: @cogp1

▶ Twitter: @CountyofGP

▶ LinkedIn: County of Grande Prairie

▶ YouTube: @CountyofGP

Starting Tuesday, May 23, residents with questions about the Dunes West Wildfire can contact the County of Grande Prairie:



Thank you to the community

We know that this was a difficult and stressful time for many residents. Leaving your home under such conditions is a tough experience, and we thank everyone their swift and cooperative response for the safety of the community. Thank you to all emergency responders, including firefighters, emergency service personnel, support staff, volunteers, and partners who helped with this wildfire response.